Content Development

Content DevelopmentContent is king. No matter what channel or method you use to reach your audience you engage them with great content. Video, images, and words all matter. Creating content for the Internet requires careful consideration and careful crafting to maximize the keyword value and search engine optimization as well as your messaging. Puppies, kittens and babies are great attractors but unless you are in a related industry these can become distractions if they don't support your marketing goals. We can help you plot a relevant content strategy that supports your marketing goals by engaging your customers and incenting them to act on your value proposition and calls to action.

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignFrom logos, or graphic images for a website or email campaign, to full-scale websites and production videos, we can support you with photos, images, video, animations, and 3D design. We specialize in breathing new life into your existing photo library and graphic assets through animation and video composition.

Website Development

Website DevelopmentSeems like every other email you receive is a company offering to build you a website or app, and all of them have hopes of selling you ongoing maintenance services. Our U-Do approach starts with selecting an alternate web platform that mere mortals can operate rather than the Wordpress sites most vendors use. This site runs on Wordpress but it's not for everyone. Wordpress requires a lot of technical knowledge and a lot of maintenance. Most small businesses and independent professionals cannot afford to devote the time to acquire these skills. At Chefetz Digital, we level the playing field by bringing our independents live on user-friendly platforms. Our goal is not to set you up for a professional dependency, our goal is to set you free to express your business through the Internet on your own.

When you need help, you can count on us for great results improving your existing website, creating a new one from scratch, or for integrating new services such as online bookings or even full-on e commerce. You don't have to pay and pay if you learn to handle the day to day!

Digital Coaching

Consultative LearningWe employ a sustainable consultative learning approach to teach you to update and maintain your website, create your own digital marketing campaigns, or manage your own technology. These are disciplines that work best when you take them in house rather than creating an ongoing cost through dependency. The key is to build a strategy for you and your business that is well focused and reasonable to maintain so that it is a joy rather than a continuous burden.

Video Production

Video ProductionWe support you with photos, images, video,  3D and 2D animation.  We specialize in breathing new life into your existing photo library and existing graphic assets through animation and video composition. You do not have to reinvent your marketing wheel, but it takes constant effort to keep it rolling.

Digital Strategy

Digital StrategyWe have to continually remind ourselves and our client partners that none of us can do everything, especially when it comes to digital marketing and social media. Some people think you need to blog, tweet, gram, pin, and share everything in sight. That is a shotgun approach and it does not work. 

The advantage of digital marketing is the ability to target your messaging in new and meaningful ways, an advantage that you do not have in print and broadcast media where you pay for every ear, not the just ones that count. We focus on shareable interactive content targeted for specific audiences.  Your print and broadcast advertising should be fully integrated into your digital and social marketing programs. At Chefetz Digital, success means fully planned marketing campaigns with finely crafted content, active market testing, and continuous fine tuning.

We work with you to define a complete digital strategy to replace or complement your print and broadcast programs. We start by identifying your core business drivers, the ones that make your register ring, and then identify the keywords that support you and discover the Internet communities that are most receptive to your messaging. 

Guerilla Marketing

Ten minutes of your time can bring you the value hundreds of dollars of advertising when you use that time to create relationships.

3-D Design and Rendering

Our 3D design services include office and room redesigns, residential kitchens and office specialty rooms. Avoid costly errors, see it in 3D first.