Rent to Grown


Multi Agency Drug Bust: Grow House inside the Colony at El Mirador

We need to do something to stop this terrible trend where expensive large homes are turned into grow houses by renters that are clearly not being thoroughly screened. Perhaps it’s time to start a safe rentals campaign to help educate the public about the need to use an agent that can provide the proper screening and to engage property managers to monitor their investment homes.

The consequences are enormous. The nicest home in my community directly across the street from my home became part of a three-house grow operation. It was used mainly to house the crews that worked the other two homes, which were red tagged and condemned after the bust. After spending thousands of dollars to repair the crew home it sold for $29,000 less than the owner paid for it two years earlier. Not only do the victim homeowners stand to lose money in repair costs, they stand to lose equity as does everyone else in the neighborhood because these depressed sales impact every appraisal.

The “If you see something, say something” campaign has worked incredibly well to help secure New York City. Perhaps it’s time to launch the “If you smell something say something” campaign for the Coachella Valley.

Signs that a home is being used as a grow house:

  • Flowering marijuana smells like skunk
  • Blacked out windows
  • Too many vehicles
  • Plain white utility vans
  • Too many people coming and going
  • Too much stuff coming and going
  • Crew members will not fit the neighborhood profile
  • Abundance of trash
  • Decline in property maintenance standards


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